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The title 'Parent" can be an immediate intimidation for some, for others it could be a threat; to others it can mean a GIFT.  We are here for everyone to understand what their role is in order to turn ANY negative into a total positive.



Our workshops are interactive and always informational.  We do our best to provide alternative perspectives to everyday experiences, which leaves something  for everyone to think about. We also conduct workshops at other locations. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Here at RAMERC, we facilitate a nurturing environment to supply the needs of both       child(ren) and parent(s) to allow realistic conversations to take place.  We are truly the place where participants of all ages can feel welcomed and valued.

About Us

Founder/Executive Director


My name is Jocelyn Miller. I am the Founder & E.D. of RAMERC. 

The creation of RAMERC has given truth to the fact that our children observe and act out everything we say and do.  Both of my parents were advocates for disadvantaged families throughout various communities.  

 The purpose of RAMERC is to provide support for families and individuals through educational classes and workshops. Both in house and in conjunction with partnering agencies. 

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Life Coach


My name is Daniel Miller and I am a Life Coach at RAMERC. My purpose at the Center is to dedicate my time and energy towards being a positive role model for myself and to be a help to others in my community.


Volunteering for RAMERC has allowed me to effectively utilize my talents. As families from all backgrounds and different walks of life, come to the Center, in search of resources. Through sharing experiences and completing sound goals, it allows the possibilities for a healthier growth to take place within their own environment.

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The Robert A Miller Educational Resource Center

2811 Harrison St, Denver, CO 80205, us

(303) 321-3202


Center Hours:
Varies during the week. Please be sure to call or text 720-290-1688. 

Saturday: 1st & 3rd 10am to 3pm

appts. available for individual classes. "Pilates with Chris" starts at 10am to 11am Group class. Private half hour sessions starting at $20 12:30 to 2pm.

Please go to our Facebook page for class schedule  information:   

Sunday: Closed

Cost:  Group classes are FREE

Individual Classes: Please call or email for more information.  

We are a 501C3 Agency  Donations Always Accepted.

Emergency Service:

Please call 911

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Classes Offered


Parenting & Life Skills Classes

Parenting Classes: We offer 6 to 8 week classes ("Parenting Counts") for parents dealing with court orders for classes as well as parents in need of guidance with this difficult job called LIFE. The 6 to 8 week classes are $25 per class.  Project H.O.M.E. (Healthier Outcomes for a Meaningful Environment) These intense 2 hour workshop series assists with learning about behaviors and the affect on everyone. Currently Project H.O.M.E. is a FREE class,   All classes are offered for Events and Venues.  Please email or call for prices & scheduling.

Healthy Changes Classes

We  conduct a weekly class (Wednesdays 5pm to 6pm) of the combination of Pilates & Zumba to give individuals a full workout that strengthens the core and ALL of your muscles. This class is held at the MHCD/Dahlia Campus.  We also have these classes at RAMERC where we have discussions about making better choices both mentally and physically.   Our Zumba classes are nothing but fun.  Learn how memory skills get both your mind and body flowing together.


"The parenting classes I have attended truly help me to change how I deal with my children." 

"The way the wonderful lessons taught in regards to communication, has helped me talk to and approach in a different more valuable way."

"I am able to reach the top shelf of my cabinets, grab those socks out of the back of the dryer and walk without issues."

"The synergy felt in the movement classes does so much for my spirit."

"I am able to do allot of the Pilates exercises much easier than when I first started."

"I love the concept of combining Pilates with the Project H.O.M.E. workshops.  It really helps me to process everything we discussed."


RAMERC Builds Muscle from Head to Toe

Pilates by Chris


Chris Coates is a Professional Pilates Trainer from DC.  We're so happy to have him join the RAMERC Team.

Both IZ (Intergenerational Zumba) Classes  are offered at the Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being as well as at RAMERC

Class times & Dates:

 Project H.O.M,E,

Every 2nd & 4th Sat. 10am to Noon

 MHCD/ Dahlia Campus

Watch for announcements or changes on Facebook

Find out more on Facebook. RAMERC

One of the first anxieties parents may go through is not having time for themselves.  Our intergenerational classes allow both adults and children to work out in a great space, leaving their stress behind.  Learn how using movement as a source of stress relief. It can also improve memory.

RAMERC Pilates Class Times

Chris offers a FREE Group Class every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.  10:00 to 11:30 (first group class 10 to 11)

Other classes 12:30 to 2:00.  Call for more information.

We have SPACE!

Need a space for a small dance group rehearsal or meeting space?

Call us first!