Services Offered


RAMERC Services

We offer a variety of classes and workshops to assist individuals and families with the skills needed for a better understanding of communication and how we react to variables we may not  always choose.  We also have a super fun IZ Class (Intergenerational Zumba) held at the Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being as well as at RAMERC $4 donation request.

Featured Classes/Workshops

Project H.O.M.E. :  'DNA is Not Destiny' and 'Wounded Places'  These  two innovative workshops are designed to assist families & individuals how daily interactions between themselves and their community can have a positive OR negative impact on overall well-being.  Donation Welcomed

Parenting Counts 8 week series of classes to assist new and not so new parents with enhancing parenting skills. $200 entire series  Anger & Stress Management $75  'Building My Queendom'  Each time we have great discussions about current issues as well as interesting topics.  It's all in the name of learning self-empowerment while having fun.  We also have monthly 'How To' classes as well as occasional field trips. Did we mention wonderful healthy snacks? 


The workshops at RAMERC truly engage everyone. Your voice is clearly heard.  Everyone has the opportunity to speak about a situation they're dealing with. It's an environment you don't want to leave. - participant at RAMERC  

"I enjoy participating in the IZ Class!  It's like brain exercise. It's also great for building up my stamina!  My little ones can even come!"